słowa: Jerzy Marcinkowski; muzyka i wokal: Jan Ryba; gitary, aranżacja, produkcja: Damian Kurasz
instrumenty klawiszowe: Adrian Adamski; gitary basowe: Bartłomiej "Skiming" Skiba; perkusja: Rafał Inglot

You warm up your senses
Sitting by the fire
With another shot
You try to put together
All of your brave thoughts
Waiting for another round

You are here by yourself
But you’re not alone
Everyone feels the same
But none will show

You are in the garden
One spot you’ll never forget
You’ve stepped into the garden
The garden spot of the village

It feels like time isn’t moving
While she smiles at you with such grace
You feel like a poet years ago
Thinking that you could again
Hold them all inside, don’t let emotions out
Hey, you at the table! Oh! Not tonight!

Agencja interaktywna : hauerpower kraków.